Atrevete started in August of 2021. We are a small, women-owned business, passionately sending our work out into this world, little by little. It started in one small room, with a very weak sewing machine, and very quickly it grew into a warehouse space, with an inspiring and supportive following.

To be a part of this journey is a different experience from leisurely sewing. You will learn the ins and outs of running a fashion operation that is entirely focused on quality, efficiency, and resourcefulness. We have a lot of fun at the studio, and it is a very immersive space for creativity, expression and growth.

The ideal applicant has:

  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Ability to learn fast, AND learn fast from each mistake!
  • An efficient & speedy working pace (we're not rushing, but you will have to be quick on your feet)
  • A constructive mindset; you bring up innovative ideas, you don't just clock in and clock out, you care about the evolution of it all!
  • The ability to be present -- we are extremely understanding when anything comes up, it is an environment where you will be supported when 'life' happens... BUT, because the work requires so much attention, if you are not able to be present for it when you're working, it'll ultimately not be the right fit.
  • Ideally, an artistic eye!

We are looking for part-time or full time interns, working anywhere from 16-40 hours a week. Sewing experience is necessary — but we do reach out to applicants who do not have the experience, yet had the right energy & attitude. So, most importantly, we are looking for someone who is excited & ready to embark on this dynamic journey.

The internship will last 4-6 months, with a stipend of $400-$800 a month depending on hours and experience. It is an educational internship, we unfortunately cannot provide working wages higher than a stipend for our interns, considering the amount of teaching that we have to bring into it. After the internship, there are opportunities to get hired as a part-time or full time seamstress. We will work with your school schedule or other job schedules.

The internship entails visual and hands-on design; from the composition of each piece (textures, patterns, color composition, the evolution of design and functionality in each garment, etc.) all the way towards production, (sewing, serging, pattern making, quality control), to post-production (photoshoot assistance, website development, and marketing). But out of all of that, you will mostly grow your sewing skills! However, it is a small business, so your day can be pretty different every day.

We want to learn as much from working with you, as we want you to learn from working with us!

The schedule is very, very, flexible, but it demands at least 16 hours a week.

Please send a cover letter; include items you've made or any relevant aspects from your background, but more about who you are than anything else!

*MUST BE IN BOULDER, there is no remote work available!