Our Story

Atrévete started when Pau, owner & founder, was working on a farm in Boulder in the Spring of 2021. From a young age, she had always dressed in expressive, loud, funky clothes, and she had been looking to buy a pair of bold overalls for work. During a snowy week, there was no farm work available. With the help of her friend Mia, founder of freakscape.org, Pau upcycled some yellow polka-dotted fabric and sewed herself the pair of overalls that started it all; with cactus and desert print on the straps, yellow base, and teal splashes. One night, she wore the pair of overalls to a house show, when one of Pau’s friends, Mathias, saw the overalls and asked for a pair for himself. Slowly, friends of friends, and eventually strangers, started to order custom overalls that she'd sew from her bedroom. 

Pau was in the process of moving back to Spain, where she was born and raised, for a Photojournalism Internship. She had sold her car and belongings for the move. One evening, her friend Mitch asked, “what if I help you start a clothing brand?" She laughed. A day went by, and Mitch sent her a craigslist posting for a studio. They biked over, she signed a lease, and decided to invest the little bit of funds she had from selling her car and belongings, into a heavy duty sewing machine. As she was venting about the fear of such a decision to her friend, Pau's friend in Spain said, “Bueno... Atrévete”, an expression commonly used in Spain to tell someone to lean forward; to try boldly.

The brand, inevitably became “Atrévete.” Not only was the birth of it a product of blind boldness, it truly speaks to the expressiveness that our clothing represents. It evolved so quickly that it is often hard to believe it has only been a little over a year. We keep improving our quality, enlarging our team, and fostering relationships in the community that strengthen our upcycling mission.

We are extremely thankful for those that see us and hear what we're trying to do. Your responses tell us the world. We've never attempted to fit a certain audience - there is no age group or type of individual that we believe would wear our products. If what we make speaks to you; if you feel like it expresses who you are; if wearing happy & colorful clothing makes you feel good - just know that is the only reason we're out here, doing what we're doing.