'dare yourself'

spanish. vb. 1 tr, to challenge (oneself to do something) as an impulse of courage.


Upcycled 'N Handmade

Our story

Atrévete started when our owner, Pau, upcycled some yellow polka dotted fabric to make a pair of overalls for herself while working as a farm hand. One of Pau’s friends saw the overalls at a houseshow, and asked for a pair. Slowly, friends of friends started to order custom overalls.

While in the process of moving back to Spain, she had sold her car and belongings for the move, when another friend asked “what if you start a brand?”

While it seemed intimidating and entirely new, a friend in Spain said “Atrévete” to her, a word commonly used in Spain to tell someone to lean forward; to try boldly.

The next day they toured a studio, signed a lease, and invested the money that had come from selling her car and belongings into an industrial machine and a mini-serger.

The brand became “Atrévete” as the loudness of our pieces are a result of boldness. The birth of the brand was blindfolded strength in the notion that if one said we could start an upcycled brand from the ground, we could.

Atrévete never attempted to fit a certain audience; we believed that our spunky work would find its spunky folks. We believed in our work, and in the uniqueness of it, our supporters have believed in it too.

Our process

Atrevete's overalls are entirely crafted out of excess fabric donated by local businesses and individuals that no longer had a purpose for the materials.

We believe that slow, sustainable fashion begins with re-using and repurposing the abundance of fabric waste that exists today. Upcycling is our only way of catching up – recycling all the excess fabric in this world would take many decades. Handmade work comes with extra love, craftsmanship and time devoted to it. In the uniqueness of our brand, nothing can be mass produced, and none of our pieces can be replicated – every pair is one of one.

In our sourcing process, we are extremely thankful for our partnerships in Colorado; in their flexibility and intentionality as they outsource excess materials to us, they allow us to keep up with the speed of the ship.

Thank you for the immense support,

the creatives



4949 Broadway #130, Boulder, Colorado, 80304

In-person shopping open Friday’s from 10am to 5pm.

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